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Our PatchWork Quilt

The PatchWork Project that found its way into our sanctuary at Pentecost has now found its new home, hanging from the balcony.  Each time we enter and leave the church we see the handiwork and the diversity of how parishioners displayed the many gifts of our community on these little square patches of fabric.  They tell the story of our community from the eyes and hearts of the children and those who minister to them, the youth and those who help form these young hearts and minds.  They tell the story of those who found the welcoming spirit of our community as a church home and a place to serve God's people.  Even those who aren't able to be with us each week, found the joy of participating in spite of challenges that they decided to overcome rather than give in; pain took a back seat so that they could be included. Every aspect of the life of our community is included in this simple hanging that captures the heart, spirit, and love of our generous community.


During the closing of our mission, Rawn Harbor, our mission speaker called us to look up each time we exit the church and share those gifts in our neighborhood, our families and share them with our gifted community called St. Therese.  Yes, it's been 90 years on this corner in the Blue Hills neighborhood of Kansas City and we are still 'Called'.  Most importantly, we continue to answer that call as a community, in spite of the many transitions and challenges that we have and continue to face in today's society.  We know that our Patron, St. Therese of the Little Flower continues to shower her blessings on us.  Praise God!!


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