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A Father's Love Letter

This week, we got into a lively discussion with two inmates at the jail. They were on fire with their faith and it was refreshing to hear young men speak of their love for God. Near the end of our time together, one of the inmates took a hand-written, folded letter on notebook paper from his bible. He asked if he could read it and he did. It was a Fathers letter and every line was taken from scripture. I had never heard it before, but he was really moved and motivated by the message, and I could tell that the rest of the group was moved when he read it. I know I was! He didn’t know the origin or who had done the beautiful research for the letter, but after a couple of Google searches, I found it. Here is A Father’s Letter from God, reprinted by permission.

Father’s Love Letter used by permission Father Heart Communications © 1999-2013

***This updated post was originally published on September 13, 2013.***


Reprinted by permission. Tony Agnesi-Finding God's Grace

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