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St Therese Little Flower Catholic Church Mission Statement


We, God’s people, are a remnant whose faith has been tested and tempered by the transitions in our neighborhoods and our church.  We do not have one common ethnic, religious, social or economic background.  We do have a common experience of being the diverse but complementary members of the one Body of Christ.  Because of this common experience, we choose to be St. Therese parish community.



We choose to use our gifts to build up the Body of Christ incarnate here.  This mission must take place both within our faith community and in reaching out to others.  We confess the need to become more aware of each other and of the Lord calling us to be united in His Spirit.



We will strive to develop this awareness not only for our own sake, but that we may become credible and inviting to those seeking Christ and His Gospel.  We answer this calling, first, faithfully sharing the Word and breaking Bread together.



We then realize our vocation to affirm each other’s gifts, to reach out to the poor, to work for justice, to help form young minds and hearts, to acknowledge the place of the elders in our community and to create a climate of fellowship for all people.

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