Busy preparing for the Easter Vigil


The Holiest of all Nights

A blazing fire -- people gathered around experiencing the flames dispelling the darkness and lighting up the night. The Paschal Candle being brought forth by Fr. Steve.  All the candles of the parishioners being lit from the light of the Paschal Candle -- the light of Christ.  And then our Praise Dancers so beautifully and gracefully enacting the readings where just like the Israelites being led by the pillar of fire, we follow the risen Christ.

(Pictures - courtesy of Benni Lipscheutz)


Welcome David Byrd and Gavin Serrato

At the Easter Vigil we welcomed two new members to our parish. David Byrd, after a year of preparation, was confirmed in the Catholic Church. Gavin Serrato, after a year of preparation, was baptized, confirmed, and received his first communion.  Their commitment has been a great witness to us at St. Therese Little Flower.  We welcome David and Gavin with open arms and grateful hearts.  

Celebrating the Resurrection

Celebrating the Resurrection