June 22, 2017

Sometimes we are in a rut regarding our prayer. One remedy is to try out a new way of praying. A change might be just the thing to jumpstart a faltering spiritual life and renew our friendship with God. If you have never prayed with a labyrinth, you might explore this centuries-old prayer method, which has become popular again. A labyrinth is different from a maze, which has several possible paths on which you can meet dead ends and get lost. A labyrinth has only one simple path that weaves around within a circle and leads to the center, which represents God. Its four quarters are set around a cross. Praying a labyrinth involves the body as well as the mind.

A bit of history: Christians...

December 18, 2016

As I researched Christmas customs recently, I discovered the meaning behind some of them that many people, even Christians, are probably not aware of. I found the symbolism interesting. Maybe you will too.

Christmas  The name for this feast comes from “Christ Mass” because Mass was celebrated in honor of the birth of Christ. The short form of Christmas, Xmas, comes from the Greek word for Christ, which is also the origin of the chi-rho symbol used for Christ in Christian art.

December 25  This date was chosen for the celebration of Jesus’ birth because it was the day the Romans celebrated the feast of the invincible Sun and the Persians celebrated the birth of their god Mithras.


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